Sunday, February 23 | “But Wait! There’s More!
Rev. Connie Happell | Ecclesiastes 3:1-15


Children’s Church

While parents are worshiping in the 11:00 AM Sanctuary Worship service, kids are having A BLAST at children’s church. Each week we sing, pray, and get down with the Bible! It’s THE place where kids have so much fun learning about the Bible that they don’t want to miss a single week! Through creative teaching, video, drama, games, and stories kids will learn how to live the Christian life at home, school, and in their neighborhoods. Your kids won’t want to miss the fun!

Children attend the beginning of the 11:00 service with their parents. They will be excused from service after the children’s sermon and head to children’s church. Children will return before the end of the service. Be ready for your kids to be humming our tunes on the car ride home!