Sunday, February 23 | “But Wait! There’s More!
Rev. Connie Happell | Ecclesiastes 3:1-15


Children’s Sunday School

Sundays from 10:00 to 10:50 AM. Please check our bulletin for updates and special events.


We use a curriculum that makes learning the Bible fun! Children hear a Bible story, sing and dance, color, and also get to go out on the playground when they need to get their wiggles out. Our nursery workers are in the same class each week to help your child with separation anxiety too!

K – 3rd Grade

Our curriculum is designed for how today’s kids learn best. It makes Sunday school fun for kids because they experience biblical truths in ways they enjoy and understand. The curriculum is more than a written lesson-it’s an interactive experience! Kids will learn in whatever way fits their style, whether that’s reading, acting, drawing, listening, singing, playing a game, and more. Kids can’t wait to get started because they make choices throughout the lesson.

4th – 5th Grade

This class is created just for preteens and answers tough questions they have about faith, life, and God. It helps kids discover the power of a growing faith in Jesus. Together we cover all kinds of topics like: Did God really create me? Is the Bible true? Why are friend’s sometimes mean? Why can’t I go to PG-13 movies? What would Jesus play on his phone?