Sunday,  September 24 | “Light for Day or Night |
Rev. Joel L. Alvis, Jr., Ph.D. Matthew 20:1-16



2017 Stewardship Emphasis

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2017 Pledge Card

2017 Stewardship Videos
Jong Ha – Stewardship Testimony – January 8, 2017

Tom Carlisle – Minute for Mission – January 15, 2017

Cammy Currie – Stewardship Testimony – January 22, 2017


Pledge Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to make a pledge? 
The church asks each year for “estimates of giving” to assist with budgeting for expenditures in the coming year.  Making a pledge is an informal commitment to give in the coming year.

How do I make a pledge?
There are several ways you can make a pledge; use the online pledge form; completed the pledge card and return it to the church office or the offering plate during worship; or contact the church at 706.322.4523.

When can I pledge?
A pledge can be made at any time of the year  for the remainder of that year; or during the annual pledge drive.

How do I pay my pledge?
You can put your payment in the offering plate on Sunday, mail it to the church, or visit this link to give online.

What’s the difference between online giving and making an online pledge?
The online pledge is a simple way to tell the church how much to plan to give in the coming year.  Online giving is one option to fulfill your pledge.  You may use our secure site to set up a recurring payment.

I take my commitments seriously. I’m thinking about pledging, but I’m concerned about my employment status. If I have a change in my status, can I adjust my pledge?
Yes, your estimate of giving can be changed or cancelled at any time for any reason in a confidential manner.  Just contact the church at 706.322.4523.

I’m a young adult and don’t have a lot to give right now.  Will my pledge of a small amount make a difference?
Yes! Every gift, of any amount, makes a difference.

What does it mean to be a good steward?
In modern terms, a steward is a “manager,” given responsibility to administer faithfully all that God has entrusted to us – making a difference in the world as a follower of Jesus Christ.

When does my estimate of giving amount go into effect?
January 1 of the new year.

Will First Presbyterian Church send me statements?
Yes, if you give, you will receive a quarterly statement of your contributions for your tax records and to confirm the accuracy of our records.