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Rev. Danny Deith | Matthew 4:12-23



Forman Christian College in Lahore

Pakistan MapForman Christian College in Pakistan provides excellent educations to both Christians and Muslim men and women. This is particularly significant for the Christians, who are an oppressed minority in Pakistan with few educational opportunities. Forman, founded in 1864 by Presbyterian missionaries, was once known as the Harvard of the sub-continent, and educated many of the political and business leaders of Pakistan. Nationalized in the early 70s, the educational standards and facilities declined precipitously, but after 31 years of government control, it is once again under Presbyterian control and is making a stunning comeback.  It serves as a beacon of love, and tolerance as well as high educational standards.  At our 2011 and 2014 Global Mission Conference, Forman College Dean of Students Cheryl Burke spoke movingly about how this school is shaping and influencing the future leaders of Pakistan in positive ways. Our Global Missions Offering goes to support five students with room, board, and tuition.