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With prayer, mutual accountability, and careful research, the PNC will discern both the present and the potential of the ministry and mission of First Presbyterian Church and it will then find and nominate the right person for the role of First Presbyterian’s senior pastor.  When the PNC has finished its work, it will present to the congregation its recommendation and ask the congregation to call that person to be our senior pastor.

The committee members are: Boon Bickerstaff, Catherine Trotter, Kathryn Vaught, Tommy Adams, Jane Jarrell, Ted Neumeister and Faye Woodruff.


September 17, 2017 – PNC Report by Jane Jarrell
July 16, 2017 – PNC Report by Ted Neumeister (video)
July 16, 2017 – PNC Report by Ted Neumeister (transcript)


What is the Ministry Information Form?

The Ministry Information Form (MIF) is the official job posting for the senior pastor/head of staff position that is to be filled.  The MIF describes FPC’s mission, ministry and congregation, and provides other details about our church.  It also includes the characteristics and leadership competencies we seek in our next senior pastor.  When the PNC completes the MIF, it will be presented to both the Session and the Presbytery.  Once it is approved by both bodies, the PNC will post the MIF on the official website the PCUSA has created for matching candidates to positions.

Update: Our MIF is now complete and viewable here.

What is the Personal Information Form?

The Personal Information Form is the form candidates complete in order to apply for the senior pastor position.  The candidates submit their PIFs to the same PCUSA website through which we post our Ministry Information Form (MIF).  The PIF is essentially a resume and an application.

May I suggest a candidate?

Yes. Once the MIF is submitted for distribution, we welcome you to encourage candidates to apply by submitting a PIF to the PCUSA website. Additionally, the congregation is encouraged to suggest potential candidates to the PNC for consideration.

How long will it take to find the right person?

Generally, a search for a senior pastor takes from one to two years.