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SERRV: The Missions Mart

serrv1 SERRV, the Missions Mart, is located across from the Chapel in the Intercessory Prayer Room. This shop, offering products from 32 different countries, represents another exercise in commitment to our Global Missions Ministry. Products, akin to those you might find at Pier One or World Market, are now available for purchase at First Presbyterian!

SERRV International is a non-profit business based in New Windsor, MD with a mission “to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide.” With 100% of our profits going directly to the many Mission Partners of First Presbyterian, this shopping experience provides thousands of jobs and benefits to millions world-wide.

SERRV has long-term relationships with partners in developing products and timelines that are mutually beneficial. SERRV invests heavily in product design and creative ideas so that artisans receive regular orders and reliable incomes. Product design and merchandising workshops and camps are held in the artists’ communities to help them understand the American market. Workshops increase sales and employ more artists and farmers by improving their knowledge, talents and skills so that their designs will continue to make more positive changes for their families and communities. Eradicating poverty is about education and empowerment. Read about SERRV’s Core Values here.

All items are handcrafted, using natural sustainable products. Each item made is representative of the amazing cultural and creative diversity of our wonderful world. Each SERRV purchase allows farmers and artisans to earn a fair income, send their children to school, develop literacy programs and medical clinics, thereby creating better futures with renewed dignity. SERRV adheres faithfully to the tenets of the Fair Trade Organization guarantee System. Stringent guidelines include women’s rights, paying fair wages on time, ensuring a safe work environment, preventing the exploitation of children, and education.

The varied products in the shop are just a small sampling of the hundreds of items in the Catalog. All items are available by order; but should be ordered through the FPC SERRV mart so the profits may be distributed by the Mission Committee to our world partners. The shop is open each Sunday morning from 9:30 – 12:30, and before Wednesday night supper at 5:00. You are also welcome to shop by appointment at your convenience.

For more information, to receive a catalog, or to learn more about our partners and their stories, stop by the SERRV Mission Mart. Or give a gift to SERRV artisan partners by adding a tax-deductable donation to your purchases or orders. Donations may be made through the Church office or the SERRV store. Gift certificates are available, credit cards are accepted.

Make choices for a better world. SERRV: Handmade with a story.

SERRV’s core values.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Jenifer McCoy, 706-984-0542.

Ledger Enquirer Article from 2016 Global Mission Conference – SERRV: The Mission Mart plays role in fighting poverty