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Sunday Night Soul Feast

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First Presbyterian Church is proud to announce the creation of a new time together that will celebrate our discipleship of Jesus Christ and the fellowship of our church family and community!

We invite and welcome you to “Sunday Night Soul Feast!”

We realize that meeting on Wednesday nights present many challenges from extracurricular activities, to the end of a busy work/school day, to traffic, etc. We also know the current schedule is tough on young families whose children go to bed early. So we will no longer meet on Wednesday nights and are creating a new faith structure to engage all areas of our church family. There will be offerings for children, youth, and young adults through older adults. Which should include everyone!

When is it?
Every Sunday Night

What is the time/schedule?
Christian Education 5:00-6:00
Church family dinner-6:00-6:35

What happens during the Christian Education time?
Elementary School Children will spend 30 minutes with Tom George in choir and 30 minutes with Debbie Spear focusing on faith and playing!

High School Students-They will meet at 5:00 for their program which they have planned and developed. The youth will retain their independence and join in the family dinner at 6:00 when possible.  The youth will continue to meet when they have events, so on a given Sunday they might meet after church, then do a mission project.  In this case they would not meet that night. 

We have three offerings:

  • “Families in Faith”-Dr. Vickie Dieth will be teaching from the book “Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home,” by Traci Smith. Books will be available at the first meeting time. This class is designed to help families with young children through families with youth aged children identify practices for finding sacred opportunities in the hectic daily grind. This class will meet for four weeks.
  • “Hands On”-This class is designed with a mission/outreach focus. The first two weeks we will have a speaker from a non-profit in the Columbus area then the next week we will do a “hands on” project to benefit that ministry.  This class will meet for four weeks, which will allow for two mission agencies to be explored and two projects to be completed.
  • “The Arts in Faith”- This class will invite local artists, in any discipline or medium of the arts to come and share with us their particular art, and how it intersects with their faith. This class will meet for four weeks. 

Nursery will also be provided during this time.

Will anything change about dinner?
Yes! Dinner, which will begin at 6:00, will be partially supplied by Cynthia Hollis, and partially supplied by us, the church family. Each week, Cynthia will provide a meat/entrée, salad, and rolls, and we will ask you to provide either a side dish or a dessert. The cost is $5 for adults and $2 for children.

What will this Worship time look like?
We are offering a casual, abbreviated service that will be centered on communion. Scripture will be read and a brief message offered. The music will be a variety of traditional and contemporary and anything in between! This service could include drama, could be meditative one week and high energy the next.  The service will evolve in the direction of those who attend. 

We fully expect the evolution of different aspects of our new Sunday Night line-up, but we are excited and ready to start on Sunday, September 8! Our hope is that everyone will attend the Christian Education hour and the family dinner. The worship opportunity is extended for those who are looking for something different from the Sunday morning worship services. We are hoping this will fit into their life’s schedule as a consistent worship opportunity at First Presbyterian